Talk Like a Krewe Queen!

If you are reading your brand is still beaming!

Let's Fight Vanishing Brand Syndrome Together.

ABDUCTED COW: Tall tales make the best stories and we love the one about the rancher out west who swears he saw a UFO hover over his cow, beam it up into the ship, and disappear into the night. An Abducted Cow is our logo because we want to beam you up but then beam you down BETTER THAN EVER.

BEAM ME UP: We are offering a series of courses to assist you in visually enhancing your brand and generating copy that speaks to your audience.


BRAND BLASTING: Beaming a bright light on one woman each Wednesday helps strengthen their brand within Rockett Launcher’s network. Brand Blasting gives us all a space to recognize one another through our shared stories of success and struggles.


BRAND BLASTING TIPS: We’ll let you in on a secret: we know digital marketing tips used by Fortune 500 companies. What that means is we can share to make your brand beam bright. Learn about 3rd Party Apps that help your photos (assets) pop to the difference between Brand vs Business.

BRAND BLASTING BALLS: We make you the Queen of the Ball! By bringing our community into a private party room on Instagram, we help you share your unique experience as a female-owned brand. As the Queen, you select the topic of your ball, share services, or product information, or share your business story!


KREWE: Krewes are a strategy for strengthening the relationships between business owners and their buyers. This is your networking group that band together to serve as your co-host for a Brand Blasting Ball, ride in your parade, and participate in learning events throughout the year.

MOOvers & SHAKERS: Women who get things done! Women-owned businesses can strengthen their position and build community by partnering with others. This includes businesses that are complementary to your own and even competitors.


ROCKETT LAUNCHER "THE APP": This is our big dream! We envision our app like Tinder for businesswomen, minus the cows, UFOs, and aliens!  With the Rockett Launcher App, you curate your own Krewe! Once you create an incredible force, we guide you through a one-year coaching process where you learn how to cross-promote, share knowledge and skills, and brainstorm innovative ways to promote and improve your business. After all, we are Fighting Vanishing Brand Syndrome!


ROCKETT SCIENCE: Inquiring minds want to know: “How do you get found without a website?” "Can I benefit from placing ads on other sites?” “What is CTA?” Ask us and we will research it for you!


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