Formulas? Marketing To Your Community.

#1 Marketing Formula

There is Rockett Science behind social media marketing. Can you guess the #1 marketing formula?

🔬 Follow the 70-20-10 rule? 70% content that builds your brand, 20% content shared from other sources, and 10% product sales. That certainly will help and you can get help.

🔬 Create mind-blowing media? Certainly! All you need are the tools and time.

🔬 10K Followers? That makes you feel great BUT what about your followers?

As this isn't actually a Science class we'll stop this guessing game and give it up. Ready?

It's community AND how you treat them. NOT the number of followers that counts. BUT how you count upon those followers and they count on you.

Rockett Launcher builds community. Our goal is to help you position your brand and collectively help one another grow. That's what a Krewe is for after all. Your Krewe is filled with wing women including competitors.

Yes Ma'am, you heard us right. There is a big difference between unhealthy competition, like those who steal your thunder, and those who actually support you, want you to grow and recognize you offer something uniquely different from themselves.

AND let's be honest, there is ZERO value in KREWE(ing) with women you can't trust!

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