Have A Slice Of Pie

As hard as it is to believe there is enough pie for everyone. At Rockett Launcher we value community over competition. You don´t have to beat that other woman up to get ahead of the game. So, how do you move in on her secret sauce for success without outright stealing it?


#1 Identify Your Competitors

Search listings is the first place to discover who they are.

Pro Tip

Search using Incognito mode in Chrome. This will help prevent the search engine from guessing what it thinks you want to see based on your previous searches. To use those modes, right-click on the browse icon and then choose New Incognito window in Chrome.

#2 Search For Specific Products and Keywords

Searches are how your customers find you. Your business may sell more than one product or service, and those products and services might be called different things by different customers.

Pro Tip

For example, if you sell healthy beauty options search for ¨healthy beauty options¨as well as other descriptors like all-natural skincare products AND all natural skin care products. That hyphen and separation of words could be the game changer. Don´t forget to add your city to the search - all-natural beauty products in New Orleans.

#3 Visit Your Top Competitors Websites

Do they have a blog? Are they running special promotions? Are they using client testimonials?

Pro Tip

You´re looking for common elements (i.e., location information, keywords, types of products featured, guarantees, lead capture forms, social media links, etc.) that your top competitors are including on their sites but are missing from yours.

#4 Follow Your Competitors On Social

Seriously, it´s the fastest way to know when they offer new services or products and how they are positioning themselves within the needs of their customers.

Pro Tip

Once you've followed them start following their employees. This is amazingly easy to do on the competitors company LinkedIn page. And do the same with your competitors followers. If one of them is constantly tagging your competitor you want to know them.

#5 Put That Competitive Intel To Work

Now that you have gathered all that information it's time to eat that slice of pie! You didn't burn all those calories while you were watching and listening for nothing!

Pro Tip

To have your efforts pay off, go over the data you have gathered to see if it suggest changes to your website, social pages, operations, or product offerings.

List the changes.

Prioritize them.

Implement them.

XOXO Rockett Launcher

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