Jamming The Night Away

You don´t need to go solo! Leveraging your skills and talents when you are a one-woman-band is the toughest challenge for any solopreneur. So, why don´t more of us collaborate and network? Collaboration enhances your value position in the eyes of your clients. Over the past few weekends, @fluffyfruitastic_llc and @_lavish_skincare along with other solopreneurs created group popup events. Collaboration helps you spread the daily duties around. This is something we do @rockettlauncher. Ari, Elizabeth, and Benné each focus on our particular talent set. Collaboration increases the potential to get new and different kinds of work. Emma and Katti pooled their talents to create @wearepepperjack. This isn’t gig work.

Your business is part of your dream. You don’t need to go solo! Make Brand Blasting your jam with the Rockett Launcher Krewe! Send us a DM to learn more about our service. Let´s Rock Your Brand in 2021!


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