Repurpose Your Linkedin Comments

Don't walk away - it's not what you think. You've already put in the time to comment on other’s posts, why not use it to your full advantage? We know what you just said in your head, "I can't possibly be scrolling through all my activities to read my own comments? That'll take forever!"

You're in luck.

🙌 Tap on the "Me" button with your profile picture

🙌 Scroll to Settings & Privacy

🙌 Select Data Privacy

🙌 Hit "Get a copy of your data"

🙌 Pick the first button for all your data and request the archive

You'll receive ALL your comments in a nice little Excel sheet sent to your inbox. Reread all your old comments and have a good time laughing at yourself. Find the golden nuggets and start expanding on them.

That's it.

You're welcome.

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