Setting Up To Sell

My love for SEO is no secret. Rockett Launcher tactics are here to make Google your best friend and if you are selling goods on a heavy SEO-dependent site like Etsy you know that keywords are the absolute bomb for sales.

I reached out to one of my absolute favorite people to help you set up or improve your Etsy shop. Jasmine of @meaniesplannergoods is our Krewe Queen Etsy expert. On Esty, she sells affordable hand-crafted planner accessories and uses her website to sell other planner items. Check out our Live Chat on Instagram when you have a moment.

OPTIMIZE LISTING TITLE: Use Etsy to search for items similar to yours and pay close attention to those shops with high sales. Apply their techniques to your listing title but make sure it is unique to your shop.

PHOTOS: Buyers love to know how well your product pairs up. Use EVERY available photo slot to upload various photos of your item. Show how the item can be used as well as show the item with other items in your shop as well as pair them with other items from big box stores as well so that potential buyers will see how well your product pairs with others.

FREEBIES AND SHIPPING: Ship orders as soon as possible and include a freebie! Customers love them and are more likely to return when you offer fast shipping plus an unexpected gift.

BONUS TIP: Do not rely on traffic from Etsy alone. Get out there! Utilize Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and create a niche Facebook group.

Rockettes, use those long-tail keywords! Their length makes them more specific than searches with fewer words. “Buy soft baby headband” (4 words) is an example of a long-tail keyword, whereas “baby headband” is a short-tail keyword.

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